Lantisite Last Update 4/30/2016:

Mark of Rulership
Welcome to Lantisite. It was time to give the site a face lift, and clean up the code.
There were superfluous font tags everywhere. It was getting out of hand.

This site is intended to provide valuable and/or interesting information to the player base, though usually only succeeds in being somewhat informative, sometimes awkward, and at worst, all about my character, Lantis.

That being said, I continually strive to improve the content and presentation of this site in such a way that it is unique, fresh, and user friendly. Thus, I likely will never have an informational supersite like Cwn Annwn, or the late on my hands, but for all the databases, maps and useful tools that Lantisite lacks, rest assured that everything that is here is something new, and all my content is based on my own in-game experiences.

In the About Lantis section, you will find up-to-date character stats, character description, and entries of interest from a character journal about Lantis.

is currently a listing of all the locations in Alyria and their coordinates. I've recently updated this section to add the new areas added during the game version change.

and Mini Quests/Runs is the bulk of the informational content on the site. It includes a list of marks linking to my guides for each one as well as information about mini quests. I hope to add run guides as I do more runs.

On that note, I have recently added a section of the site for bosses to track which bosses have exploding corpses so the players may know whether they should end the fight with auto loot feature on or off. I hope to expand this to show boss vulnerabilities, resistances, and immunities as well as more information is available to me.

And the Links section is mostly a list of my preferred resources when I'm researching for a Materia Magica-related adventure.

Additionally, I am still working on a way to make Luzzardo Malvenu's quests easier. I was making a database for room descriptions, but there are thousands of rooms in Materia Magica, and I am not willing to attempt to catalog them all, especially since my database skills are shaky at best.

Before I forget, this site was designed for use with Internet Explorer, however distasteful you may find that... and I have no idea if this site looks like it should on Firefox or Netscape, or whatever else you infidels may be using. I don't know what number visitor you are... but rest assured, I will find out!

Also, if you found this site useful, you can show your appreciation by dropping me a line. I am pleased to accept your compliments and other support including hints and tips, which will generate new content, or reward units, which will let me renew my donations so I can continue adventuring effectively on behalf of everyone of my visitors!

Materia Magica belongs to not me, and that is a tragedy, in my mind. Most of the other content here belongs to me, except where noted. Enjoy!
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